Get out of my way!!


Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere and find that everyone else around you is taking a leisurely stroll down the road with nowhere to go?  I am usually very much on time and plan accordingly, so I’m not stuck in this situation too often, but in those moments I admit, the people around me get me rather irritated!

As I set out to work this morning I pulled out onto the street by my house… with plenty of time to get to where I needed to go.  This particular street is notorious for speeders and has a very dangerous curve that doesn’t seem to scare anyone! Finding the right time to pull onto the road can take some time.

Well, I must have pulled in front of one those late drivers, because before I knew it she was right behind me swerving around to get by and show me her pretty right hand….I admit I was ticked…..slow down lady! I really wanted to speed up and show her my pretty left hand but I  quickly remembered all the times I myself had done this!! I was no different then her in that moment.  As we drove down the road she got stuck behind pockets of traffic and we of course made it to the stop light at the same time, gotta love when that happens!

I laugh at this because I sometimes feel like I am in this race to get to a certain point in my life and when things get in the way or don’t seem to happen as planned…I get irritated and a little impatient.   I know that things will happen and come together when they are suppose to, but there are certainly days where I wonder when and if it will all come together!

There is a deep need for instant gratification, I want it now, easy, fast and pain-free …well it doesn’t work this way and that’s the beauty of it all.  All of the experiences that we go through are tools and training for the soul and the mind.  Without these experiences we would not be prepared for the next.  So when you are thinking things aren’t happening fast enough for you…perhaps it is just as it is suppose to be to allow you to make it to your next destination safe an sound.

Trust that the universe, god, the divine, has a plan and that although it may seem like “it” will never happen for you…it will!



The Elusive 5 Dollar Pant


After last weeks post on Friday, I headed to TJMaxx in search of a bag to bring with me on my trip to NYC.  I searched around and couldn’t find a thing, so naturally what do I do, I begin to wander throughout the store looking at shirts, shoes and yes the pants.

Although I was disappointed I didn’t find what I was looking for I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a pair of jeans whose hem seemed to skim the floor.  I’m 5’11 with a 36” inch inseam, so my strategy while shopping is to look to the floor for the longest pant available.  I was even more thrilled and filled with laughter when I looked down at the price tag, there it was atop 10 other markdown stickers….the 5 dollar sticker, bright yellow and almost flashing at me!

I surveyed the jeans to see why these poor things had been passed up so often and nothing was wrong! I tried them on and to my extreme delight, they FIT!!! Score!! Now I was partly kidding last week that I go in search of this 5 dollar pant, in reality I just search for the longest jeans with the cheapest price.  Since this fit is so hard to come by I always snatch them up.

Now, even though I was disappointed I didn’t find what I was looking for, I was given an even greater gift, the 5 dollar pant!

The same can be said for life, we get rejected or we don’t get what we have been waiting for and we become frustrated.  But what we may not realize at the time is that we are rejected or given different things to make room for something even better.

So the next time you think you have been met with disappointment or rejection, just imagine what is in store for you instead.  What you want and think you need isn’t always what you ultimately receive, and more often then not the results are even better than we could have imagined.

One handbag not found, another great pair of pants found instead!!!


“Excuse me, when will my perfect life package arrive?”


I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a good portion of my life thinking that someday all of the sudden my life would be just as I want it.  I could simply continue doing the same old thing and eventually someone would make everything all better.  I would have the perfect job, the house of my dreams, live blissfully, peacefully without debt or stress.

Unlike shopping on the internet, I couldn’t just click on my life package of choice and wait patiently for it to arrive at my door.  I had to make it happen for myself..but how in the world does one do this??

let go of FEAR

try new things daily

set goals

create a vision

let  go of the past

let go of judgement

let go of criticism

let go of others expectations

LOVE yourself

Nurture Yourself

The person I was waiting to deliver my  best life package was me! The same goes for you!YOU must be willing to take action and change what you have been doing in order to see new results, otherwise that package you have been waiting for will not arrive!


Casual Friday…put your comfy pants on!

What we deal with throughout the week can often feel heavy and dressed up so I figure let’s take it easy on Fridays and chat about something light and dressed down!

What better topic than clothes, cosmetics and jewelry??

I can’t ignore the fact that I have a mild obsession with shopping for yoga clothes, cosmetics, and bracelets.  And let’s not forget my quest to find the skin care that can magically take away my dark circles and acne breakouts!Please let me know if you’ve found it!

It’s another area in my life that probably needs some coaching, because admittedly, from time to time, I am living beyond my means!  Oops! I realize that shopping is not meant to be  used as an anti-depressant or therapy, but sometimes it feels good to roam TJMaxx and Marshalls in search of that pair of pants that have been reduced to $5.00!!!  Do I really need them? Probably not, but hey did I mention they are 5 dollars??!!

Sometimes it’s nice to just say what the heck, I want that new pair of pants or that new shirt.  It feels even better when that new shirt has something good to say!  Like “Nothing to Be Afraid Of,” because really there is nothing we have to be afraid of! We are fully supported by the Divine, God, the Universe.

I recently stumbled upon this great clothing line on Etsy called Purusha People.  In sanskrit it means, the force of goodness and life within us all.  Their tag line reads “indie clothing conceived for health, beauty and love,” I’m hooked! With all organic fabrics, super cool sayings and artwork this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! What’s better than a comfy pair of pants and a little inspiration!!Check it out, let me know what you think! SHINE ON!!!

Subtle Movements

When you make subtle movements in yoga, the pose takes on a whole new feel and meaning, a subtle shift of the gaze or movement of the hips.   This can certainly be true in our day to day lives, if we make subtle movements our lives can take on a  whole new feel and meaning.

Every morning waking to the same alarm, heading to the same coffee shop,  taking the same route to work, life can begin to feel a bit like groundhog day. Our bodies and our minds get use to the monotony and we become like robots working on autopilot.

For several years I practiced yoga with the same group of teachers, getting to know their cues and their music, I knew their next move.   I flowed from one pose to the next driving through the flow.  Until one day I decided to make a subtle shift.

I decided to step outside my yoga comfort zone and take a class in a new studio.  I was out of my element, feeling like it was the first time I’d ever practiced. I walked into the room, it was as hot as I’d ever experienced, and it wasn’t a Bikram class.  It was like a party, everyone seemed to know each other, people were jumping from mat to mat to giving hugs and seeing how each others lives were going. The energy in the room was far different than the classes I had grown so comfortable with, it was both intimidating and inspiring.

I found a little spot in the corner next to the wall and set my mat down.   The air was thick and still.  I hadn’t eaten  and I was beginning to feel a little faint, I  wanted to get the hell out of there! Class hadn’t even begun and already I was freaking myself out, I kept telling the Negative Nancy in my head to “shut up!” I was not going to pick up my mat and leave, I am going to do this!

The class began and the instructor meandered through the people, cueing and adjusting.  As we moved through simple warm up poses, the sanskrit words I thought I knew so well  began to sound like a foreign language.

I was moving with trepidation, feeling like it was my first class ever! This was awful!!! This guy was tough, did we really need to hold warrior two for 5 minutes???And what happened to my balance?? I felt like a lost mess, yet I still managed to power through and after what felt like 2 hours I made it to savasana.

I laid there trying to slow down and rest, my heart pounding, my body drenched in sweat ,I began to sob, what was my deal?? I stayed quiet letting the tears stream down the sides of my face as I eventually rolled up to seated position.  With my hands in prayer, still dripping with sweat and tears, I bowed my head in gratitude and thanked my body and mind for showing up that day.

Just when I thought I could grab my mat and run out, my neighbor turned to me to introduce herself and asked me how long I’d been practicing.  I could barely speak without almost crying again.  I wondered, could she tell that it wasn’t sweat on my face, that I’d been sobbing next to her for the last 10 minutes? She simply smiled and said “well it’s nice to meet you, you have a beautiful practice” I thanked her and we both went on our separate ways.  After class, I sat in my car uncontrollably crying with my sunglasses on, hoping no one would see me as they left the class.

I couldn’t quite understand why it had caused such a reaction in me. I knew that at the time I had a few things going on in my life, but wow, I didn’t expect to leave class in such a way!

Once the tears had subsided, I was able to appreciate what I had just gone through. Blame it on the hip openers, but I’d survived a class that I thought was literally going to kill me, I felt exhilarated.   What I thought was just a subtle shift in my routine, turned out to be an experience that I will never forget.

I realize not every small shift in our day will cause such a cathartic experience, but maybe, just maybe, if we made subtle changes in our lives we could experience something greater than we had imagined.

What would it feel like to put our yoga mat in a new spot in class? What would it feel like to say hello to someone new? What would it feel like to try a different coffee shop, or take a different route to work.  How would those changes affect our day? As simple as these things may seem, the subtlety of change may actually surprise you!

Make a “subtle” movement  today, enjoy it and SHINE ON!!!

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something or discover something or someplace. Be curious, play, go out on a limb, walk a different way to work, try a new food at dinner and keep learning and growing.”

Sandra Magsamen


“Hey Skinny Boy!!”

My son started kindergarten last week, and I have to be honest I was terrified he’d latch onto my leg and refuse to go in.  Preschool had not gone so well, so my expectation for kindergarten was not one of delight and pleasure.  To my surprise, he sat in his chair picked up his pencil and  began to trace his name on the sheet of paper in front of him.  Not looking around for where I was, not crying to leave.  The teacher then asked the children to all look up and wave goodbye, the parents were now going to go on their ways. So without long drawn out hugs and kisses, the children sat in their chairs and waived their goodbyes as us parents scurried out of the classroom.

He returned that day to me a new child, a glimpse of his newfound independence had transformed my little baby into a little boy.  He raved about his new school and his wonderful experience in the cafeteria, getting to chose his own meal and not to mention the chocolate milk!!

As the week progressed everything went amazing, he awoke eager to get to school and I couldn’t have been more pleased!  But as the last day ended, my son came to me with a sad face and told me a classmate had called him “Skinny Boy” and it really made him feel badly about himself.

It was at this moment I realized that the beautiful, fearless, untainted soul of my son was enduring its first jab at its greatness.  At what point in our lives do we realize that certain words make us feel badly, where do we learn that   “Skinny Boy” is a negative comment?

Do you recall the moment your greatness was questioned and your perfect, fearless, childlike beauty was suppressed?

I remember  as a child growing up being uncomfortable with my weight and my height.  I would be called too skinny, too tall.  There were even times when I would come to school and hear of fun things my friends would do without me! It was devastating to think that I wasn’t important or good enough for them to invite me to join.  The rejection and comments left me with the constant fear that I wasn’t good enough.  People were conspiring to do things without me, against me, you name it I feared they were doing it.

Although the skinny comments and rejections of childhood can be heartbreaking, they are great lessons, ones in which we must endure to be able to appreciate the positives.  I of course would love to shelter my son from such heartbreak, but I would be doing him no good!  I have to take some peace in knowing that eventually these moments will be a source of strength and power for him.

What I can do is express to him that every part of him is beautiful, special, and unique, there is no one else like him in the world.  There is no one else like YOU in the world..YOU are just the way you need to be and you already possess everything your heart desires and needs. It is already within you.  Although some may try to take this away and shut the light off, it has not gone anywhere.  Every little inch of your skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, little self is just as you are meant to be, an you are an incredible miracle of life!

Yes I’m skinny girl and yes my son is  skinny boy, own it, love it, shine on!!!


What are you thankful for?

How would your life be different if you took a moment every morning to think of things you were thankful for in your life?  Would there be more contentment and less desire for what we don’t have?  How much of what we desire is actually anything we really need?? At what point will we be satisfied?  I’m not saying we shouldn’t have goals and dreams, but how about being grateful for what we already have in our lives that we may often take for granted?  What are you thankful for today???


Ever wonder why kids have so much energy??

I watch my son jolt from bed with a burst of energy and enthusiasm for his day.  That energy continues throughout the day as he buzzes from one thing to the next.   I always linked the energy to his age, he’s young so his body is pumping full of adrenaline  and maybe sometimes a little sugar!   But in reality it’s possible that these children have endless energy because they aren’t wasting it away on thoughts of the past or thoughts of their future.

They are fully present in the moment enjoying every bit of there day, pleased by simplicity, not wanting for more, not fretting about the past.  I challenge you to try and spend just one day focused on the moments you are in and nothing else, not wondering what will happen next, when you’ll meet your soulmate, why someone hasn’t returned your call, what you need to buy at the store….just simply enjoying where you are and what you are doing at that moment.  See how much different you feel and how much more enjoyable your day is.

What’s the sense in thinking about other things in the present moment, if you are thinking about the past and the future you are missing your present.

Shine On!!

I can’t stand…….

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the things that you couldn’t stand about someone, were things you hadn’t yet reconciled within yourself.  At the very core, we are all made of the same things, the ability to lie, cheat, steal, brag, to be sweet, kind, loving, and giving and so on.  Yet for some reason when we see someone that triggers a negative reaction, we don’t even realize that we too are capable of such horrible behavior.  It may not be to the degree of which that person may display it, however, we at some point in our lives have done something or behaved in a similar way.

I discovered that I often found something terrible in everyone I met, I was very critical of people around me.  I was critical of myself too, but I would always find some little trait that drove me crazy.  When I read that perhaps these traits were things I needed to look at within myself, my whole life changed.  I no longer saw everyone through the eyes of judgment, I saw everyone and their beautiful flaws as a reflection of me.  That girl I couldn’t stand who lied her way to the top, well, I too was a liar sometimes, I was not better, no more a saint than her.

With this discovery came peace and acceptance, not only for the people I came in contact with, but for that little girl inside me that continuously told herself she wasn’t good enough, she’s going to fail.

The truth is, we are all good enough, we have just been so conditioned by our past that it sometimes is like a thick heavy fog that we live our adult lives in.  Once you begin to dive deeper into the reactions you have to others, you can see what areas within yourself you have ignored and suppressed.  I was a liar, I was two-faced, I was lazy, I was materialistic, I was selfish.  Sounds terrible, right?  But those things can have beautiful meaning, that if looked at a different way,can actually serve us rather than hurt us.

The next time someone drives you nuts, take a moment and think of what it is that maddens you about this person, take a look in the mirror there is something you need to see.

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